The Gates of Misery

The Gates of Misery is a comic-book horror anthology, comprised of a series of tales of terror by some of the most creative and imaginative minds in the horror industry. Creator Matthew Therrien, like so many horror fans who grew up with classic horror comics from the 60s and 70s, wanted to make something equally as exciting for today’s modern horror fanatic. The idea was simple: allow horror writers and filmmakers — many of whom have never written for comics before — the chance to create their own 6 page horror stories. With no budget restrictions (one of the benefits of telling stories in a graphic format like this), the writers were free to create anything they desired; whatever they chose to pull from the depths of their nightmarish minds.

The unifying factor? The Mount Misery Cemetery. Whenever anyone is buried within this particular graveyard, the cemetery itself learns their entire life story, and for those willing to listen, it will recount some of the most gruesome and grizzly deaths. But only to those who aren’t faint of heart.

Our first 32 page issue contains four unique and unsettling stories by Steven Kostanski (Manborg, ABCs of Death 2, The Void), Brandon Cronenberg (Antiviral), Jon Knautz (Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer, The Shrine, Goddess of Love), and Dave Alexander (award winning filmmaker and current editor of Rue Morgue magazine)!